About Us

Protect Your Family With The Next Gen AQUAFORTE RO​

The World’s Best RO Purifiers that make your water 100% Pure By Removing even dissolved impurities’ As well as Bacteria & viruses unmatched benefits with Aquaforte RO Purifier Best RO Purifier of the World.


AQUFORTE Water Filters designs and produces water treatment items aimed at quality improvement both for domestic and industrial use.

Skill growth, experience and professionalism are the key to our success. Our training and assistance service available for customers and partners implement our commitment and reliability.

Everybody should benefit from this precious common value that is water wisely and without waste. AQUAFORTE Water Filters is committed to respecting this principle with its products and business behaviors.


AQUAFORTE  takes advantage of expertise, technological innovation and design to achieve its business goals.

Last but not least, investment in human resources. Our principles focus on integrity and frankness as a basis for good relationships inside and outside the company.